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Events 23 Feb 2023 By Vargas

Solar tracking system

Alessandro N. Vargas


Solar tracking system is a device that follows the sun, mimicking the sunflower. We constructed a solar-tracker system from scratch. It comprises two photovoltaic panels arranged side by side, mounted on a structure that allows movements in two axes. The system's objective is to follow the sunlight so that it shines perpendicularly to the photovoltaic panels. This strategy of following the sun aims to improve the energy efficiency of the panels. Besides, the system allows users to supply power to devices off the electrical grid.

Solar-tracker system. It will help us understand some aspects of renewable energy. For instance: What are the effects of sun when it is not perpendicularly adjusted? What are the panels efficiency? How the efficiency of the electronic converters attached to the panels can be improved?

This work aims to generate mathematical models and electronics capable of improving the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels.

electronic boards
Figure 1: electronic boards used in the solar tracking system.

Master's project of Electrical Engineering of the student Gabriel Francisco Dos Passos. Supervision: Prof. Marcio A. F. Montezuma

Published paper. Vargas, Alessandro N.; GABRIEL R. FRANCISCO ; MONTEZUMA, MARCIO A. F. ; SAMPAIO, LEONARDO P. ; ACHO, LEONARDO . Low-cost dual-axis solar tracker with photovoltaic energy processing for education. SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES AND ASSESSMENTS AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, 2023.