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Events 13 June 2021 By Vargas

Magnetic Levitation System for Education

A team of researchers from UPC BarcelonaTech, Spain, University of Zanjan, Iran, and UTFPR Brazil developed a low-cost, open-source "Semi-Active Magnetic Levitation System for Education". This page describes the development of this project.

The team has developed a low‐cost, open-source "Semi-Active Magnetic Levitation System for Education". If you want to support us in this research, please email us at

More about the project

The MagLev has been intensively used in engineering education, allowing instructors and students to learn through hands-on experiences of essential concepts, such as electronics, electromagnetism, and control systems. Built from scratch, the MagLev depends only on simple, low-cost components readily available on the market.

The paper Semi-Active Magnetic Levitation System for Education shows how to construct a novel low-cost magnetic levitation system for educational purposes. Although recognizing many MagLev models in the literature, we present a novel design that employs easily found, low-cost spare parts. Using the components and source code described here, instructors and students can construct their own low-cost MagLev devices. By doing so, instructors and students can enrich the learning experience and practice hands-on training on relevant electronic topics, such as sensors, actuators, electronic circuit building, microcontroller programming, electromagnetism, and control systems. This paper describes the step-by-step necessary to construct a MagLev from scratch—all the diagrams and source code are freely available

The next video shows the MagLev working.


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