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Welcome to the Community Blog, a space for sharing information about Engineering and Mathematics. This blog presents scientific results from researchers located in Brazil, Spain, USA, and other countries. If you wish to join our scientific group, send us a message. We welcome your feedback and comments - email us at
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Electronics Jan 2024 By Vargas

Analog electronics

Research on analog electronics

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Events 28 June 2020 By Raminelli

Shaking table with magnetorheological damper

Device to help us advance the knowledge on structural engineering

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Events June 2024 By Vargas

Plasma engineering

How to create plasma and control its process

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Project 13 July 2020 By Vargas

A low‐cost, open-source ventilator for patients with COVID‐19

A team of researchers from UPC BarcelonaTech, Spain, and UTFPR Brazil is developing a low-cost, open-source ventilator to treat COVID-19 patients.

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Project 28 May 2021 By Vargas

3 DOF Helicopter

A device to study flight dynamics

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Project 28 May 2021 By Vargas

Solar tracking system

Do you know the sunflower? We constructed one from scratch

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Events 27 May 2021 By Vargas

Automotive wheel steering system

How to control a vehicle wheel system through electronics

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Project Feb 23, 2023 By Vargas

Control of pest: biological engineering

How to deal with Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) in wheat stored in silos

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Learning 09 Apr 2023 By Vargas

Scientific papers

The art of proper citation and referencing scientific papers

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Project 06 June 2021 By Vargas

Machine Learning

Can machine learning solve engineering problems?

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Project 28 June 2021 By Vargas

Magnetic levitation system

Do you know how the Magnetic levitation works? We have constructed one and we can share some ideas with you.

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Events 08 Apr 2023 By Vargas

Resonant circuits

Understanding how oscillators work in electronics and industrial applications

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Learning 06 January 2021 By Vargas

How to study academic papers effectively

The approach that Alessandro N. Vargas has developed for studying academic papers

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Project 08 Apr 2023 By Vargas

Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)

Understanding how vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) works.

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Events 17 Sept 2020 By Project


A laboratory that supports research on control systems in Parana, Brazil

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Learning 28 June 2020 By Vargas

Learning How to Read

Do you know how to read? Niklas Luhmann gives the answer

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Project 17 May 2021 By Project

Covid-19 pandemic

Sentiment analysis of the Covid-19 pandemic from Twitter posts

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Events 10 June 2021 By Vargas

Automotive electronic throttle

How to control the throttle body